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Olga Zabelinskaya won a gold medal in South Korea

Olga Zabelinskaya from our team, won the gold medal for Uzbekistan in the Asian Track Cycling Championship held in the city of Jincheon South Korea. In the 40th edition of the tournament, Olga Zabelinskaya achieved a score of 32 units, making her win the gold medal and the Asian champion jersey of the specialty. The point test corresponding to the Asian Track Cycling Championship was run at the Velodrome of the Jincheon National Training Center.

Results Test for ladies points:
1 Olga Zabelinskaya (Uzbekistan) – 32 points.
2 A. Na (South Korea) – 28 points.
3 B. Leung (Hong Kong) – 26 points.

Amber Neben’s Great Performance in Yorkshire

On  September 24th,  the North American cyclist from our team, Amber Neben, came in the fourth position of the individual time trial corresponding to the world championships taking place in the region of Yorkshire, England.


The winner of the test was the North American Chloe Dygert with a 42:12 mark. Followed by the Dutch Anna van der Breggen who made a difference of 1:32 with respect to the time of the winner. The third position went to another Dutch Annemiek van Vleuten who occupies the third step of the podium at 1:52 difference from the winner. In the fourth position came the American Amber Neben with a time difference of 2:38.



Amber Neben is the current American and Pan American time trial champion, she also won the UCI World Time Trial Championships in 2016 and 2008.  And in  2003 and 2017,  she won the National Road Cycling Championships of the United States.

Congratulations to our runner Amber Neben for the excellent result in this edition of the world cycling championship held in the historic county of North England in Yorkshire. With the result,  Amber willl be present in the next edition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, as the first 10 are officially qualified for this event.

Five runners of our team Cogeas Mettler Look participated at the individual time trial of the world championship with distance of 30.3 kilometers. The city of Harrogate was the point of departure and arrival of this strenuous test.


Representing their respective nations: the Russian Maria Novolodskaya and Yelyzaveta Oshurkova, the Uzbek Olga Zabelinskaya, the American Amber Neben and the Cypriot Antri Christoforou. Five professional cyclists who give their best every day in search of achieving the best results in the annual UCI calendar, and thus win the coveted points that seal the fight for the UCI global ladder. Cycling World Cups are held this year in the Yorkshire area.

We are also pleased to report that the current time trial world champion, the Russian cyclist Aigul Garreva, who last weekend won the gold medal in the junior category of the Yorkshire World Cups, becomes part of the Cogeas Mettler Look, becoming our newest team member.



The Uzbek cyclist Olga Zabelinskaya from our team  marked a time of 42,008 and arrived seventh at the 5th edition of the Madrid Challenge by la Vuelta, one of the most outstanding road races worldwide of the Pro Tour calendar elite female category.

The time trial that took place in the area of ​​Boadilla del Monte had a route of 9.3 kilometers. It was won by Germany’s Lisa Brennauer of the WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling team with a record of 43,368. The Cogeas Mettler Look was made up of cyclists Olga Zabelinskaya, Edwige Pitel, Anastasiia Pliaskina, María Novolodskaya and Virginie Perizzolo.

Marina Novolodskaya, however, suffered a sharp fall during the race of the time trial, with a lot of courage she managed to get up and resume the route, finishing with a time far from her averages despite her efforts.



Picture: Manuel Contreras Press Manager and José Edenilson

Our Team Manager from Cogeas Mettler Look Team, Ruben Contreras, read about the difficult life of José Edenilson thanks to an article written by journalist Jorge Carbajal of El Salvador Times, which narrated the difficult situation of José Edenilson and his request for a music device, food, among other needs. And, taking matters into his own hands, Contreras organized everything necessary to get the young man a sound device and food supply for him and his family.

Our Team confirms that from Europe they will keep assisting him and will help him improve his home, and contacts have also been made in order to donate a wheelchair.


José Edenilson is a young man who lives in the area of  San Diego in La Libertad, in El Salvador, he suffers from hydrocephalus and is blind, although the love for life keeps him intact. “José, in Europe there is a women’s cycling team called Cogeas Mettler Look, they know about your situation and we are going to support you,” I said as a team representative. The young man had a smile on his face, and he only replied, “Thank you very much,” we immediately handed him the music device and food.

The case of the young man was announced by the news anchor Salvador Castellanos, who in the San Diego sector, La Libertad, is known as “Pastor Salvador” for the help he provides to people with limited resources. His mother Claudia de Jesus, with her little daughter in her arms, thanked the donation, while the father also thanked the noble action. There is no doubt that sport unites us as humas, unites continents, unites people, and in unity is solidarity and love. Thank you for existing José Edenilson, the Cogeas Mettler Look is YOUR team too.

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