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Maria ready for action!

The Russian cyclist of  Cogeas Mettler Look Maria Novolodskaya, continues to attract great attention in this edition of the Giro Rosa 2020.

Yesterday, during the seventh day of the Giro Rosa, María Novolodskaya escaped again with a lot of bravery  and challenging a large squad full of champions. Despite having suffered a great fall the day before during the sixth stage.


Novolodskaya true to her style, launched a strong change of pace in the last quarter of the race, disputed between the towns of Nola and Maddaloni with a total distance of 112 kilometers.

The race became more dynamic, since in her escape Maria achieved a difference of one minute and forty seconds. And it was with 10 kilometers to go that a hard-working platoon hunted down the Cogeas Mettler Look member.

In this way, María Novolodskaya once again shines with her own light in a stage of the most prestigious races such as the Giro Rosa 2020.

Congratulations Maria!!!

Novolodskaya close to victory in the Giro Rosa 2020

The Russian Cogeas Mettler Look cyclist Mari­a Novolodskaya was less than five kilometers from winning the sixth stage of the Giro Rosa held this Wednesday, September 16, between the towns of Torre del Greco and Nola with a total distance of 96.5 kilometers.

Maria Novolodskaya launched an attack just over 13 kilometers before the finish line, kept the group under control for a good portion of the race, unfortunately less than five kilometers to the finish, the Russian from Cogeas Mettler Look suffered a spectacular fall on a curve which kept her from any possibility of victory. Maria was assisted by neutral teams and quickly joined the race.

The sixth stage of the Giro Rosa 2020 was seasoned with multiple escape attempts, which were controlled by the peloton, and it was with 13 kilometers before the finish line that María Novolodskaya bravely attempted the escape, practically giving the deadly thrust to the group that could not reach the Russian. Unfortunately for Maria the bad state of the road played a trick on her, the Russian from Cogeas Mettler Look fell losing the important 30 seconds that could turn into victory.


Finally the stage victory went to Marianne Vos, Annemiek Van Fluten continues to lead.

Congratulations Maria Novolodskaya for your effort and sacrifice !!!

The Russian cyclist of the Cogeas Mettler Look María Novoloskaya, achieved a new victory this Sunday by achieving first place in the Grand Prix World’s Best High Altitude, disputed between the Turkish cities of Kayseri and Hacılar Gate, the one-day test had a total route of 87.6 km with an ascent of eleven kilometers.

Maria Novoloskaya


Her teammate Iuliia Galimullina also showed great effort in the ascent and was placed in the fourth position. Anastasiia Chursina from the Alé BTC Ljubljana team was second and Carolina Upegui was third.

Iuliia Galimullina



In this way the girls of the Cogeas Mettler Look stand out again in a test of the UCI international cycling calendar. Congratulations to our athletes for their effort and dedication on behalf of our team.


Maria Novoloskaya won the Mount Erciyes Grand Prix

Cogeas Mettler Look Russian cyclist María Novoloskaya won the Mount Erciyes Grand Prix held this Saturday in Turkey. It should be remembered that the Russian runner from Cogeas Mettler Look, Aigul Gareeva, was the 2019 World Time Champion, and today she achieved an important third place on the podium for her team. Kazakh Valeriya Kononenko was second.

Aigul Gareeva


Maria Novoloskaya

The GP Mount Erciyes 2200 is a one-day event and had a tough 135-kilometer ride, between the Turkish cities of Talas and Mazakaland that included two demanding mountain passes.



In this way, the girls of the Cogeas Mettler Look manage to once again put the name of our team at the top of the podium. Congratulations girls for your effort.


Carrying out a noble performance as a team, the members of the Cogeas Mettler Look  had a great day at the Giro dell’ Emilia, a one-day test held on Tuesday, August 18, in the area of ​​Bologna, Italy. The Giro dell’Emilia, with a total distance of 80 kilometers, had as a final exam the hill of Alto de San Luca that marked the arrival at the finish line of the race.

The Cogeas Mettler Look was represented by the cyclists Marie Soleill Blais, Nohemi Rüegg, Lara Krähemann who did a great job supporting Annabel Fisher. Two attacks were recorded throughout the tour, but the platoon was able to catch up in both occasions. Despite all the effort from the girls of the Cogeas Mettler Look to help Annabel Fisher, there was a fall just 500 meters before the finish line and many cyclists resulted affected, in this way the hopes of the girls of the Cogeas Mettler Look were lost.


Finally Annabel Fisher was placed in position 21, while Marie Soleill Blais arrived in 53, Nohemí Rüegg was located in position 61 and Lara Krähemann was 88. It should be noted that all the members of the Cogeas Mettler Look finished the test.

The Giro dell’ Emilia was won by Cecilie Uttrup Ludwin who marked a time record of 2:10:44.

Congratulations girls for your great efforts!

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