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Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team placed 12 in Vårgårda

Fighting against a surprising and strong storm that covered them during the whole tour, the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, has been ranked 12th in the World Cup in Sweden, a test belonging to the UCI Women’s World Tour calendar,  held in the Swedish city of Vårgårda, on August 11th and 13th.

The girls of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, the Russian Olga Zabelinskaya, Maria Novoloskaya, Elizaveta Oshurkova, Gulnaz Badikova, Karina Kasenova, and the Cypriot Antri Christoforou, were the first team to take the game at the exact moment when the storm started.

Cogeas Mettler Technical Director Serghey Klimov is satisfied with the performance of his runners, and clarified: « we had many problems before the race, the rain was a negative factor for all teams, we talked to cyclists and drew positive conclusions of everything « , said the former professional cyclist.

The event began at one o’clock on Saturday, August 11, with a team time trial of 42.5 kilometers, with departure and arrival in the city of Vårgårda. On Monday, August 13, the road test will be held, with a distance of 141 kilometers. The test will start at 5:10 pm, where the Cogeas Mettler cyclists will try to give the best of them.


The Russian cyclist of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, Gulnaz Badykova with the selected Diana Klimova, won the silver medal in the difficult test of the Madison in the European Championships of Cycling.


The test with a high dose of difficulty and adrenaline, was won by the Danish Amalie Dideriksen and Julie Leth who took possession of the gold medal, in third place, with bronze medal, entered the Dutch Kirsten Wild and Amy Pieters. The European Championships of Cycling took place in the Scottish city of Glasgow.


The Russian cyclist of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, Evgenia Augustinas, was third in the elimination test corresponding to the European Cycling Championships, which took place in the Scottish city of Glasgow. The gold medal of the test by elimination was won by the British Laura Kenny, followed by the German Anna Knauer who won the silver medal and Evgenia Augustinas  the bronze medal, out of a total of 19 athletes.



The Russian cyclist of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team Evgenia Augustinas, was placed fourth in the points race of the Omnium of the European Championships of Cycling, with  energy and  a desire of triumph, Evgenia Augustinas closed the group , to win the last sprint of the omnium’s mother test, the points test.

If not for a sanction applied by  the Commissioner in the competition regarding a situation during the race, Augustinas would have won a bronze medal, so we regret the decision of the Commissioner for no apparent reason of sanction, at the same time we want to congratulate our athletes  for their achievements in the recent international competitions.




Gulnaz Badykova Bronze Medal at European Championships

At the Velodrome in the city of Glasgow, Great Britain, the Russian cyclist of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, Gulnaz Badykova won the bronze medal in the points race, of the 2018 edition of the « Track Elite European Championships », UCI event, organized by the European Cycling Union.

In an exciting close of race, of great strength and sacrifice, the Italian rider María Giulia Confalnieri, won the difficult test, of the group speed of the track cycling, followed by the Belarusian Ina Savenka, in the third position came the Russian Gulnaz Badykova of Cogeas Mettler, and the Dutch Kirsten Wild came fourth.

The Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, congratulates and recognizes the work of our cyclist Gulnaz Badykova, for her bronze medal in the European Track Cycling Elites Championships, which took place from 2 to 7 August 2018.


The riders of Cogeas Mettler, Gulnaz Badykova, Evgenia Augustinas had a great performance in the Russian national track championships held from 23 to 28 July in the town of St. Petersburg.


The effort of our member Cogeas Mettler Gulnaz Badykova who won the gold medal in the Omnium test, imposing a record of 100 points, and her teammate Cogeas Mettler Evgenia Augustinas was silver with 90 units. Diana Klimova was third.

The difficult test of the Madison, was won by the couple Gulnaz Badykova – Diana Klimova, accumulating a total of 100 points, displacing the pair composed by Alexandra Goncharova and Galina Streltsova to the second position (90 Points), in the third place were positioned Daria Malkova and Maria Miliaeva.

But the greatest achievements by the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team during the Russian national track championships, were the medals won and the new Russian record in the team pursuit on the track of the velodrome of St. Petersburg. The team was made up of the riders Anastasiia Iakovenko, Gulnaz Badykova, Alexandra Goncharova, Evgenia Augustinas, who stopped the clock in a new record of 4.24.011, enough to get the gold medal and be crowned as the new champions of the team pursuit.

Congratulations to the new champions for their commitment and dedication.

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