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Olga Zabelinskaya wins at the Chrono of the Nations 2018 with the best time of 35: 54:57 , in the 26.45 kilometers of individual time trial. The event was held in the area of the French town Les Herbies. The Danish Emma Norsgaad was second, 16 seconds behind the winner, and in the third place came the French Wiggle High5 Audrey Gordon Ragot.

Also present:  Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team riders, Edwige Pitel who finished in position 8, and Antri Christoforou who arrived in place 16, and the team’s sports director Rubén Contreras who was in charge of the technical direction and assistance of the Team during the great event.

After the Team’s participation in France, the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team will travel to China on October 21, to run the women’s tour of that country.




Although results are not the desired ones, but with a discreet performance, the representation of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team integrated by Olga Zabelinskaya, Edwige Pitel, Yelyzaveta Oshurkova, Antri Christoforou, Gulnaz Badykova and Evgenia Augustinas, finished in the eleventh position of the team time trial of the world cycling championship, held in the beautiful city of Innsbruck Austria.


The demanding team time trial, which requires a combination of synchronization and strength, was played on the morning of Sunday September 23, between the alpine towns of Ötztal and the center of Innsbruck, the teams have traversed a winding path (terrain between wavy and flat), of 54.5 kilometers.

The team time trial corresponding to the World Cycling Championships, has been won by the German franchise team, Canyon SRAM Racing, who won the gold medal, marking a record of 1h: 01m: 46s, with an average of 52,941 200 Km / h. The second place went to the Dutch team of the Boels – Dolmans Cycling Team, which culminated its performance with a mark of 1:02:08, and the third podium position of the podium was for another Dutch team, Team Sunweb arrived with a time of 1:02:15.

In the current edition of the World Road Cycling Championships, the Cogeas – Mettler Pro Cycling Team finished with a mark of 1:05:43, with an average of 49.759 60 Km / h. In its first year of training, currently the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, occupies the eleventh place in the team time trial modality, out of a total of 46 professional teams, participating in the UCI Woman’s Team circuit.

Once again, the girls of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team will participate in the highest level of international world cycling, this weekend when the Austrian city of Innsbruck will host the LXXXV World Cycling Championships to be held from September 22 to 30.



The official list of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, will be composed of the cyclists Evgenia Augustinas, Elizaveta Oshurkova, Olga Zabelinskaya, Antri Christoforou, Gulnaz Badikova and Edwige Pitel, who will participate on Sunday, September 23 in the team time trial, of the maximum date sports, which brings together the best teams in the world of the pedal.

The technical teams of logistics, timing and television have been installed since last Thursday, awaiting the cycling events that will decorate the main streets and avenues of Innsbruck.

The technical staff that accompanies the team in Innsbruck is constituted by, Rubén Contreras as Team Manager, Serghey Klimov as sports director, Konstantin Sintsovskii in charge of the mechanical part, masseur Vladimir Ekimov and Manuel Rebollo press.

The championship will consist of races in the time trial and route specialties, in the male elite, female elite, junior male, junior female and male sub-23 divisions; the elite time trial events will be played individually and by teams. In total twelve world champion titles will be awarded, where once again, the Cogeas Mettler riders will give the best of them.

The Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team was honoured

In their second home, in a friendly atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie, the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team cyclists and the technical staff were entertained with a lunch at the residence of Mr. Peter Yip, president of Mettler, a leading company in the market of Cosmetics since 1929.

Mr. Peter Yip had words of thanks for the team, wishing them success both in the present and in the next season, likewise the president of Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team Mr. Rubén Contreras, thanked the important contribution of this company to the team, allowing it and guaranteeing in this way the permanence in the maximum league of international world cycling.

After the words alluding to the event, the cyclists and the technical staff enjoyed a deserved lunch, likewise the riders Olga Zabelinskaya (silver medalist in the time trial in Rio 2016), Gulnaz Badikova and Evgenia Augustinas, presented their medals to their sponsor obtained in great commitments both in Olympic games and in the recent European Championships where the Cogeas Mettler riders won silver and bronze medals.

After the succulent lunch, we proceeded to sign the new contract to support the team by the Mettler company, Mr. Peter Yip and Rubén Contreras stamped their signatures on the document that gives life to the sports dream of Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team . The cyclists signed and delivered a jersey from Cogeas Mettler as a token of appreciation.

At the end of the ceremony, the cyclists and the technical team left for the Austrian city of Innsbruck, where they will take part in the world championships to be held from September 22 to 30 next. We thank Mr. Peter Yip, Magaly (marketing director) and Karina (Sales Director) for the support, and Cogeas Mettler, congratulations.


Realizing a great race against the clock, and against the best teams in the world integrated by the best runners of the international peloton, the cyclists of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, Evgenia Augustinas, Elizaveta Oshurkova, Maria Novolodskaya, Olga Zabelinskaya, Antri Christoforou and Gulnaz Badikova , were placed in the fifth position of the inaugural time trial of the « Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta 2018 », the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team imposed a record of 18m: 50s, marking an average speed of 40,142 K / h.


The winner of the first stage of the test « Madrid Challenge by La Vuelta 2018 », was Team Sunweb who put a mark of 00:17:40, with a speed of 42.792 K / h. In the second position came the Wiggle High5 team with a time of 00:17:58 at 42,078 K / h. and the third podium position was occupied by the Mitchelton-Scott team with a time of 18:26 and a% of 41,013 K / H.



Results 1st. Stage Boadilla del Monte (12.6 km.).

1 Team Sunweb  17:40 %42.792  K/H.
2 Wiggle High5  17:58  %42.078  K/H.
3 Mitchelton-Scott  18:26  %41.013 K/H.
4 BTC City Ljubljana  18:32 %40.791 K/H.
5 Cogeas – Mettler Pro Cycling Team  18:50  %40.1426 K/H.
6 Valcar PBM  18:54  %40.000  K/H.
7 Movistar Team  18:54 %40.000 K/H.
8 FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope 19:02 %39.720 K/H.
9 Alé Cipollini 19:04 39.650
10 Parkhotel Valkenburg Cycling Team  19:04  %39.650 K/H.
11 Cylance Pro Cycling  19:07  %39.547 K/H.
12 Doltcini – Van Eyck Sport  19:19  %39.137 K/H.
13 WNT-Rotor Pro Cycling  19:23  %39.003 K/H.
14 Hitec Products  19:27  %38.869  K/H.
15 Lotto Soudal Ladies  19:34  %38.637 K/H.
16 Bizkaia Durango – Euskadi Murias 20:02  %37.737 K/H.
17 Sopela Women’s Team  20:14  %37.364  K/H.
18 Spain  20:23  %37.089  K/H.
19 Bepink  20:39  %36.610  K/H.




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