The members of Cogeas Mettler Look achieve titles of National Champions

On May 8, 2019, the National Road and Time Trial Championships were held in Cyprus,  Antri Christoforou won in both modalities. The runner of the Cogeas Mettler Look, set a pace of 41,308 km / h., and marked a record of 29:03 at the individual chrono. The test had a route of 20 kilometers with departure and arrival to the city of Pervolia. Maria Yiavashi and Georgia Giagkoulla were second and third respectively on the podium.

In the route mode, the test departed and arrived in the city of Mathiatis and  had a 68.7 kilometer route, Antri Christoforou again demonstrated her great capacity, winning the test in a time of 1:59:48. Maria Yiavashi and Georgia Giagkoulla completed the podium.

Results Time Trial Cyprus National Championship
1 Christoforou Antri Cogeas – Mettler Look 29:03
2 Yiavashi Maria 3:28
3 Giagkoulla Georgia 9:24

Results Cyprus National Championship Route 2019
1 Christoforou Antri Cogeas – Mettler Look 1:59:48
2 Yiavashi Maria 6:58
3 Giagkoulla Georgia 7:50

Antri Christoforou


Another Cogeas Mettler Look runner, Olga Zabelinskaya, was champion of Uzbekistan in the modality of route and time trial 2019.


On the American continent, on June 27, the everlasting champion Amber Neben, with an average speed of 45.12 km / h, won the gold medal in the 22.8-kilometer individual time trial held in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. In a tight result, in second place Chloe Dygert was placed 0:36 seconds apart, and the third place came Leah Thomas 43 seconds behind the winner.

Results Time Trial USA National Championship 2019.
1 Neben Amber Cogeas – Mettler Look 30:19
2 Dygert Chloe Sho – Air TWENTY20 to 0:36
3 Thomas Leah Bigla Pro Cycling at 0:43.



In the Russian city of Solomino, the member of the Cogeas Mettler look Anastasiia Pliaskina won the gold medal in the time trial mode. Yelyzaveta Oshurkova, member of the Cogeas Mettler Look, was placed in the second position, while the bronze went to Kseniya Dobrynina.

Results Time Trial Russian National Championship 2019.
1 Pliaskina Anastasiia Cogeas – Mettler Look.
2 Oshurkova Yelyzaveta Cogeas – Mettler Look.
3 Dobrynina Kseniya Servetto – Piumate – Beltrami TSA


Another member of the Cogeas Mettler Look, Sari Saarelainen was placed second in the time trial of the national championship of Finland, played this June 28 in the city of Kurikka. The winner was Kangas Minna-Maria who set a time of 34:51 (43.04 km / h.). In the third place Tiina Pohjalainen arrived 35 seconds behind the winner.

Results Time Trial Finnish National Championship 2019.
1 Kangas Minna-Maria 34:51
2 Saarelainen Sari Cogeas – Mettler Look 0:28
3 Pohjalainen Tiina 0:35



Congratulations to our champions, thank you for your effort and sacrifice that raise the name of our team.


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