The Cogeas Mettler Look with good results in Turkey

The girls from Cogeas Mettler Look, Alina Khakimova, Renata Baymetova, Antri Christoforou, Yelyzaveta Oshurkova, Karina Kasenova, Ekaterina Knebeleva, Olga Zabelinskaya and Mariia Novolodskaya, developed a great work in the last edition of the Grand Prix Alanya, a one-day trial, belonging to the WE category (1.2) of the professional world women’s tour, which had a distance of 103 kilometers, played last Sunday, February 10, in the surroundings of the Turkish town of Alanya.


The Alanya Grand Prix was won by the cyclist Tatsiana Sharakova of the Minsk Cycling Club team with a time of 2:32:52. In the second position entered Olga Shekel of the Astana Womens Team, and in the third position arrived Mariia Novolodskaya of the Cogeas Mettler look, with the same time in the fourth position was Olga Zabelinskaya of the Cogeas Mettler Look.

The girls of Cogeas Mettler Look, began their adventure in Turkish lands on Saturday February 9, when competing in the Grand Prix Gazipasa, which had a route of 108.5 kilometers, with goal of departure and arrival in the city of Gazipasa.


The one-day event was decided in a tight final sprint, which was won by Belarussian Ina Savenka of the Minsk Cycling Club with a record of 2:31:43. In the second position and doing a great job, the Cogeas Mettler Look runner Mariia Novolodskaya was located, who also obtains the first place in the best talent category. In the third place came the Russian Mariia Miliaeva and Olga Zabelinskaya from Cogeas Mettler Look was fourth, all with the same time.

With the results obtained in Turkey, the runners of Cogeas Mettler Look, leave good feelings and promise a strong fight in each of the tests where the team is present, congratulations girls.


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