The Cogeas Mettler Look at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

For this edition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, a total of five runners have managed to qualify from our Cogeas Mettler Look team. On Sunday in the women’s road event, Uzbek Olga Zabelinskaya achieved an outstanding performance, being the most combative on the mountain and putting pressure on the group during the strenuous test, she was placed ninth in the Olympic test. Likewise, her teammate, the Russian Tamara Dronova, had a great race.

Tamara Dronova

Next Tuesday, the North American Amber Neben will enter into action in the time trial, the North American of the Cogeas Mettler Look is one of the favorites to win a medal in the time trial.

Amber Neben

Track cycling will take place at the Izu Velodrome, located in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. The Russians Gulnaz Khatuntseva and Diana Klimova will participate in this sports arena in the coming days. Its track is 250 meters long and its made of Siberian Pine wood.

Only five teams worldwide have managed to locate and classify five runners for this edition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which shows the technical and professional level of our team.

Gulnaz Khatuntsev

Diana Klimova

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