Gulnaz Badykova Bronze Medal at European Championships

At the Velodrome in the city of Glasgow, Great Britain, the Russian cyclist of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, Gulnaz Badykova won the bronze medal in the points race, of the 2018 edition of the « Track Elite European Championships », UCI event, organized by the European Cycling Union.

In an exciting close of race, of great strength and sacrifice, the Italian rider María Giulia Confalnieri, won the difficult test, of the group speed of the track cycling, followed by the Belarusian Ina Savenka, in the third position came the Russian Gulnaz Badykova of Cogeas Mettler, and the Dutch Kirsten Wild came fourth.

The Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, congratulates and recognizes the work of our cyclist Gulnaz Badykova, for her bronze medal in the European Track Cycling Elites Championships, which took place from 2 to 7 August 2018.


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