Cogeas Mettler Look shows solidarity with José Edenilson

Picture: Manuel Contreras Press Manager and José Edenilson

Our Team Manager from Cogeas Mettler Look Team, Ruben Contreras, read about the difficult life of José Edenilson thanks to an article written by journalist Jorge Carbajal of El Salvador Times, which narrated the difficult situation of José Edenilson and his request for a music device, food, among other needs. And, taking matters into his own hands, Contreras organized everything necessary to get the young man a sound device and food supply for him and his family.

Our Team confirms that from Europe they will keep assisting him and will help him improve his home, and contacts have also been made in order to donate a wheelchair.


José Edenilson is a young man who lives in the area of  San Diego in La Libertad, in El Salvador, he suffers from hydrocephalus and is blind, although the love for life keeps him intact. “José, in Europe there is a women’s cycling team called Cogeas Mettler Look, they know about your situation and we are going to support you,” I said as a team representative. The young man had a smile on his face, and he only replied, “Thank you very much,” we immediately handed him the music device and food.

The case of the young man was announced by the news anchor Salvador Castellanos, who in the San Diego sector, La Libertad, is known as “Pastor Salvador” for the help he provides to people with limited resources. His mother Claudia de Jesus, with her little daughter in her arms, thanked the donation, while the father also thanked the noble action. There is no doubt that sport unites us as humas, unites continents, unites people, and in unity is solidarity and love. Thank you for existing José Edenilson, the Cogeas Mettler Look is YOUR team too.

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