Cogeas Mettler Look in Dubai

The riders of our team Cogeas Mettler Look, Aigul Gareeva, Olga Zabelinskaya, Katarine Hechler, Anabel Fisher, Marina Uvarova, Iuliia Galimullina, were presented  at the inaugural gala of the Dubai Women Tour, to be held from February 17 to 20. Rubén Contreras as sports director, Vladimir Ekimov as a masseur and Mkrtchyan Artak in charge of the mechanical part, also came to Dubai accompanying the girls. The Women’s Tour of Dubai is a Pro Tour route test with 4 stages and a total of 17 teams.


The opening ceremony was full of color, music, beauty and sport. The stages and the prizes were also presented. The night closed with a majestic show of artificial lights.


The stages of Dubai Women’s Tour 2020 are the following:
17/2 STAGE 1 – Dubai Festival City ›Town Square Dubai (99km.)
18/2 STAGE 2 – Dubai Festival City ›The Springs-Emaar (91km.)
19/2 STAGE 3 – Wadi Hatta Park ›Hatta Dam (90km.)
2/20 STAGE 4 – Dubai Festival City ›Dubai Festival City (112km.)



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