Cogeas Mettler has arrived in Norway

After the commitment in Sweden, the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team, is already in the town of Fredriksten to start the Women’s Tour of Norway, which will take place from August 16 to 19. The great event belonging to the World Cup calendar , UCI Women’s World Tour, will once again bring together the select group of runners of the UCI world peloton.

According to the technical guide of the event, the teams will roll in a very picturesque environment crossing again and again the border between Norway and Sweden, alternating terrain, slightly mountainous with diverse sets of points in dispute of the different classifications in all the stages.

The event starts on Thursday, August 16, with a 24-kilometer team time trial between the towns of Fredriksten and Fortress.

On Friday, August 17, the first stage of 127.7 kilometers will be run, starting from the center of Rakkestad, with the end of the center of the city of Mysen.

Stage 2 with 127.7 kilometers, will run on Saturday, August 18, starting in the center of Fredrikstad and ending in the center of the city of Sarpsborg.

Stage 3 will run on August 19, starting on the old Svinesund bridge, with a final goal in the center of the city of Halden.


Edwige Pitel from Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team

The Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team will be represented by cyclists Maria Novolodskaya, Elizaveta Oshurkova, Karina Kasenova, Edwige Pitel. The cyclist scholarship holder at the World Cycling Center, the Trinitarian UCI Teneil Campbell, winner of the gold medal in the women’s route test, the Central American and Caribbean Sports Games and the Paraguayan cyclist Agua Marina Espínola, will be part of the squad of the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cyclong Team, in the Women’s Tour of Norway.

Paraguayan cyclist Marina Espínola will be in Norway with the Cogeas Mettler

In search of its best preparation, and in collaboration with the UCI World Cycling Center, the Cogeas Mettler Pro Cycling Team will include in its roster to contest the Women’s Tour of Norway, the Trinidadian cyclists Teneil Campbell and the Paraguayan Marina Espínola . In this way the girls will have the opportunity to experience the best events in the world.

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