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TT Swiss Championships

On July 12th Noemi Rüegg, Lara Kraehemann , Elea Schneeberger and Annabel Fisher participated in the TT Swiss Championships:
































Olga, Maria, and Diana in World Championships

The cyclists Olga Zabelinskaya and María Novoloskaya were placed in the 4th and 7th position of the points race played at the Berlin velodrome. The points race took place on the last day of this sport event that brought together the best track cyclists in the world. And during the Madison race Maria Novoloskaya and Diana Klimova were placed in the 8th position.






























Congratulations to our cyclists for their results !

Russians in Turkey

The Alanya GP women’s race took place on a 59 km course and  was won by Cogeas Mettler Look member Daria Malkova.


In second place was Mariia Miliaeva of Cogeas Mettler Look and Margarita Syradoeva came third.


Great performance of our team in Dubai Women’s Tour

The members of our team Cogeas Mettler Look  Aigul Gareeva, Olga Zabelinskaya, Annabel Fisher, Marina Uvarova and Iuliia Galimullina put up a great performance in the Dubai Women’s Tour held from February 17 to 20.


The first stage with a total of 99 kilometers between the locations of Dubai Festival City and Town Square Dubai and the second stage disputed between Dubai Festival City and The Springs-Emaar with 91km of distance, were played under intense heat and on flat ground, where the girls of Cogeas Mettler Look always stayed in the main lot. Unfortunately, the team suffered the loss of one of its runners, when the German cyclist Katarine Hechler before the start, presented a feverish picture and did not participate since the start of the test, the team therefore participating only with five members.



The best performance of the members of the Cogeas Mettler Look, was in the third stage, taking place between the towns of Wadi Hatta Park and Hatta Dam, with a distance of 90 kilometers,  where the British Annabel Fisher got into the fight for the points of the mountain awards. The British showed her full potential by awarding a total of 17 points, which allowed her to seize the red jersey of leader of mountain climber.

The fourth and last stage, a closed circuit and the longest of the race with a total of 112 kilometers, was held in the town of Dubai Festival City. The winner of the last stage was the Dutch Nicole Steigenga of the Doltcini – Van Eyck Sport team who scored a 2:43:41 record.

The great champion of the 2020 edition of the Dubai Women´s Tour is the British Lucy van der Haar of the Hitec Products team with an accumulated time of 10:31:35. The best ranked Cogeas Mettler Look is the Russian Iuliia Galimullina located in tenth place 36 seconds behind the winner. Olga Zabelinskaya came in 16 to 40 seconds, Annabel Fisher stayed in 20th place and Marina Uvarova came in the 22nd ranking all 40 seconds behind the leader.

Cogeas Mettler Look’s Russian, Iuliia Galimullina achieved third place on the podium in the final general classification of the best young women. Annabel Fisher was awarded the prize for the most combative biker of the Dubai Woman´s Tour 2020.

Congratulations to our riders for the courage and the high sports spirit that led them to make a great race and leave the good memory of the Cogeas Mettler Look in such a prestigious and demanding event.


Cogeas Mettler Look in Dubai

The riders of our team Cogeas Mettler Look, Aigul Gareeva, Olga Zabelinskaya, Katarine Hechler, Anabel Fisher, Marina Uvarova, Iuliia Galimullina, were presented  at the inaugural gala of the Dubai Women Tour, to be held from February 17 to 20. Rubén Contreras as sports director, Vladimir Ekimov as a masseur and Mkrtchyan Artak in charge of the mechanical part, also came to Dubai accompanying the girls. The Women’s Tour of Dubai is a Pro Tour route test with 4 stages and a total of 17 teams.


The opening ceremony was full of color, music, beauty and sport. The stages and the prizes were also presented. The night closed with a majestic show of artificial lights.


The stages of Dubai Women’s Tour 2020 are the following:
17/2 STAGE 1 – Dubai Festival City ›Town Square Dubai (99km.)
18/2 STAGE 2 – Dubai Festival City ›The Springs-Emaar (91km.)
19/2 STAGE 3 – Wadi Hatta Park ›Hatta Dam (90km.)
2/20 STAGE 4 – Dubai Festival City ›Dubai Festival City (112km.)



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